Blog from July, 2018

  cgPhone voice conferencing has been released to BETA to any cgPhone Online user. 

Please visit the NEW dedicated cgPhone Online Conference Administration Manual to learn how to set up and manage secure, encrypted dial-in conferences for up-to 250 participants.

You may set up easily a continuous conference room for all of your colleagues, members and business partners to ensure confidential conferencing 24/7 on 365 days a year.

After initial set up, the conference room will be available at any time. No need to invite/re-invite or move conferences - just set up once and go for your instant secure conference(s).

Please note: During BETA, the administration page design and some function may be limited.

Learn here more about cgPhone Online - the secure global voice, chat and conferencing system.

Enjoy your secure conferences from any place, any time.

Your cgPhone Online Team

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GEMALTO has announced on July 17th, 2018 End Of Sale for Mobile PKI Products.

certgate will now support and help GEMALTO partners worldwide to continue their (wireless) mobile PKI smartcard projects by smooth transition to certgate's leading mobile PKI products, i.e. AirID, ONEKEY ID, cgCard and others. certgate has created a dedicated website after receiving multiple requests from the GEMALTO PKI partner ecosystem how to use certgate's proven, reliable Mobile PKI products to continue mobile smartcard rollout and projects in various countries.

We are looking very much forward in working with GEMALTO PKI Partners and any other organisation to provide mobile security for enterprise or public sector clients.

certgate is investing continuously into its product development to ensure leading edge security, usability and compliance. We provide strong standard products and in case of individual requirements, we are able to design and manufacture custom hardware and software. 

Please contact certgate in case of any project transition support requirement.

Thank You, Jan Wendenburg