Welcome to AirID First Steps. Our Quick Start Guide is the perfect place to start and get an overview of the most important features of the AirID. You will learn how to setup, pair with your phone/tablet/PC and connect.

If you would like to know more about AirID and its capabilities, continue reading our User Manual, FAQ and HowTos. 

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What is AirID?

First, the AirID is a wireless smart card reader at a credit card sized form factor. Enables working wireless with almost any corporate smart card. AirID connects to smartphones, tablets, laptops or non mobile systems via Bluetooth and USB. The BluetoothLE connection of AirID is protected by an additional AES256 encryption. Existing NFC capabilities of your smart card will be maintained. Using AirID, your smart card will always stay safe – with you!

Second, the AirID provides FIDO authentication via Bluetooth LE and USB for supported OS platforms.

Package Contents

  1. AirID smart card reader
  2. Bumper landscape
  3. Bumper portrait
  4. USB cable
  5. Strap

Before start-up, ensure that the two safety seals are undamaged.

If the safety seals are damaged, it is suspected that your device has been altered inadmissibly. In this case, please contact your distributor and do not use the device.

Device Features

  1. Low power display
  2.  LED indicator

    Current hardware version

    AirID 2 (PN: A2XX…)




    on during battery charging; off when battery charging is done



    on during bluetooth communication activities

    blinkingongoing FIDO communication - User Presence, waiting for input



    on during smart card activities

    Older hardwae versions

    AirID 2 (Rev. 1-3, PN: ARID002-…)

    redon while battery charging, off when battery charging is done
    blueon while smart card activities

    AirID 1

    redbattery low, please charge
    red and bluebattery charging
    blue and greenbattery completely charged
  3.  Control element: Jog Dial

    AirID is designed for easy menu navigation using a 3-way version of jog dial control element.

    up and down scrollingnavigation
  4. USB interface
  5. Smart card slot

       6. Power switch (triggered by ID-1 Card) and smart card connector

Insert a smart card and power the AirID

Insert the card into the card slot with the chip first. The AirID reader has two integrated smart card connector can read the smart chip regardless of which side the chip is on. By inserting a card, the power switch is triggered and the AirID switches on.

Remove the smart card and unpower the AirID

To remove the card, simply slide it with the finger through the cut-out. The AirID turns off. 

Status Indicators

The current status of AirID is indicated by the following icons:
Status TypeStatus IndicatorDescription
Smart card status

card inserted, card not supported or damaged

card inserted and card supported

card access blocked (Distance Sensor)

Connection status

Bluetooth and advertising activated

Bluetooth activated and connected to host

Connected to host via USB in USB card reader mode
Battery status

remaining battery capacity

Mounting the Bumper

There are two bumpers available: landscape and portrait.

Select the bumper according to the orientation of your card and attach it to your AirID.

Please make sure that the card slot of the bumper is correctly mounted

and that you pay attantion to the Jog Dial to avoid damage while mounting

Setup: AirID Software

To always benefit from the latest features and maximum security of your AirID, you should run the latest AirID firmware. Using the AirID management software AirID Central with its integrated updater always provides the latest firmware for your device when available. The AirID Central enables you to update your AirID via USB and Bluetooth ("Over-The-Air").

Select your platform for detailed information on the AirID software available:

Windows 10 & 11

Download and install: AirID Installer for AirID Central and Driver

System requirement: Bluetooth Low Energy support v4.1 or later

For workstations without built in Bluetooth Low Energy v4.1 capabilities, a USB Bluetooth Donlge or the AirID BRIDGE - an USB Bluetooth connector - MUST be used to provide connectivity.


Download and install: AirID BLE and CCID-USB Software for MacOS

System requirement: Bluetooth Low Energy support v4.1 or later

For workstations without built in Bluetooth Low Energy v4.1 capabilities, a USB Bluetooth Donlge MUST be used to provide connectivity.


Simply connect AirID in the desired app which is compatible with AirID. For details, please contact the manufacturer of the respective app.


Simply connect AirID in the desired app which is compatible with AirID. For details, please contact the manufacturer of the respective app.


Download and install: AirID Driver for Linux

System requirement: Bluetooth Low Energy support v4.1 or later

For workstations without built in Bluetooth Low Energy v4.1 capabilities, a USB Bluetooth Donlge MUST be used to provide connectivity.

Windows 7

System requirements: Since Windows 7 doesn't support the Bluetooth Low Energy standard, a AirID BRIDGE is required additionally

Download and install: AirID Installer for AirID Central and Driver, incl. Winusbcompat

Setup: AirID and Bluetooth Connection

  1. Connect AirID to the power supply and charge it.
  2. Start AirID by inserting the smart card into the card slot.
  3. Activate Bluetooth on AirID by pressing the jog dial in the menu item "Connection" and make sure that "ON/waiting" is displayed. Also make sure that Bluetooth is activated on your host device.
  4. To initialize the Bluetooth pairing process, select AirID on the appropriate platform:

    • iOS and Android: via the respective app
    • Windows: Install the AirID software package and select your AirID via System settings » Devices » Bluetooth
    • MacOS: Install the AirID software package and start pairing via the AirID Central program
  5. For secure pairing, compare the displayed code on AirID with the code displayed on the host system and confirm the pairing code on both sides, the AirID and your host.

>> Your AirID is now connected to your device and ready to use!

The pairing information will be saved on both sides, the AirID and your host system. Therefore this pairing process only needs to be done once per host device.

Setup: FIDO authentication with AirID

AirID can be used not only as a smart card reader but also as a FIDO security key for supported OS platforms.
  1. Bluetooth Connection: To use the AirID for FIDO authentication via Bluetooth LE, follow the Setup: AirID and Bluetooth Connection first
  2. Register your AirID in your applications: Before you can log into your applications using the AirID FIDO functionality, you have to register your AirID once in the application.
  3. Set a security PIN: Some applications (e.g. Microsoft Azure) will ask you to set a PIN for your AirID FIDO security key, if you haven't done so already. This PIN will be stored in your AirID.
  4. Name your FIDO security key: For registration, most applications provide a text field to set a name for your AirID FIDO security key. This field is completely free of choice and is intended to help you identify the key used later on. In order to confirm and complete the registration, the AirID FIDO asks you to push a button on the AirID.

>> Now, your AirID is ready to be used for FIDO authentication!

Go to the application you previously registered in, select your AirID and log in. If set, you will be automatically prompted for your security key PIN. For your secure login, the authentication must be confirmed by pushing a button on your AirID.

Setup: AirID Autolock Distance

The distance to the device for the auto-lock can be configured with the „Distance Sensor“ feature on the AirID. The automatic lock depends on the host device and its operating system and must be activated separetely, if required.

For configuration of this feature, an active BLE connection is required:

  1. Activate the „Distance Sensor“ on the AirID device (Settings > Security > Distance Sensor)
  2. You can select a preset value (near, mid, far) or a manual setting.

Please note that the measured distance may vary depending on the environment/line of sight. To reduce interference, we recommend for manual setting a distance of min. three meters.

Safety Precautions

  • Protect the device from dirt, dust, moisture, chemicals and extreme temperatures and use it only in dry rooms.
  • Use only original, approved accessories intended for this purpose for the device.
  • Do not use the product in the immediate vicinity of heating, other heat sources or in direct sunlight.
  • Do not expose the device directly to magnetic sources.
  • Do not drop the product and do not expose it to violent shocks, drops, shocks or vibrations of any kind.
  • Do not attempt to service or repair the product yourself or have it serviced or repaired by an unauthorized service or person.
  • Do not make any unauthorized modifications to the software or hardware.
  • Do not open or operate the product if damaged.
  • Do not insert foreign objects into the card slot. The opening slot is intended exclusively for inserting a smart card.
  • Improper use may damage the product or connected devices.
  • To charge the battery, use only standardized charging cables and power sources (5V DC; min. 500mA) to avoid overcharging. This could damage the battery.

Environment Temperatures

StatusMin. TemperatureMax. Temperature
While operating-10°C+60°C
While charging0°C+45°C

Maintenance & Care

Clean the device only with a soft, clean and dry cloth. Do not expose the device to harsh chemicals, cleaning solutions or strong cleaning agents. Do not allow liquid to penetrate the product.

Disposal & Recycling

The device must not be disposed of with household waste.

B2B equipment must be returned to the manufacturer.

Warranty/ License/ Technical Support

Please note our regulations at Terms and Conditions & Legal Documents

Please note that only customer with a valid support and maintenance agreement are authorized to get free support services.

Note on AirID Government

In addition to the AirID Business smart card reader, the AirID Government is available. The AirID Government has been equipped with a special firmware. This firmware is intended for the use throughout government organizations and authorities to meet special security standards, espcially for usage within classified areas, i.e. the German governmental cassification „VS-NfD“ (classified information - for governmental authorities use only) in combination with SecurePIM.

Please contact us directly if you want to receive more information about the AirID Government.

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