What is AirID?

First, the AirID is a wireless smart card reader at a credit card sized form factor. Enables working wireless with almost any corporate smart card. AirID connects to smartphones, tablets, laptops or non mobile systems via Bluetooth and USB. The BluetoothLE connection of AirID is protected by an additional AES256 encryption. Existing NFC capabilities of your smart card will be maintained. Using AirID, your smart card will always stay safe – with you!

Second, the AirID provides FIDO authentication via Bluetooth LE and USB for supported OS platforms.

AirID Highlights

Product Name

AirID 2 Business

AirID Government (approved for classified (VS-NfD) Environments)

Communication InterfacesBluetooth Low Energy BLE (V5), USB (CCID and/or power supply)
Smart Card Support

Contact Interface (ISO7816) for ID-1 (full-size) cards

Communication ProtocolT=0, T=1 protocol with secure chip
  • Pairing for secure, encrypted Bluetooth LE™ connection
  • Bluetooth connection with AES 256 bit encryption
  • Easy to use jog-dial menu navigation
  • Integrated distance logout
  • Set "prefer device" for selecting the device you want to connect with (for multi device user)
  • Using NFC functionality of the smart card while the card remains inserted
  • Updating firmware via USB

Displayed Notifications

(on low power 132x32 LCD display)

  • Status of Bluetooth connection, smart card and battery
  • Information of AirID device
Supported PlatformsWindows 10, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows 7 (with AirID BRIDGE)

ID-1 Smart Cards

Supports smart cards with a contact interface (ISO7816) and 3 volts. Supported smart card protocols: T=1, T=0

Evaluation KitComprehensive AirID Evaluation Kit is available here
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