What is AirID BRIDGE?

With the AirID BRIDGE, certgate‘s wireless smartcard readers can also be used with devices that do not support Bluetooth low-energy by default or have an unstable BLE connection, such as Windows 7 devices or Linux thin clients. Additionally, if you want to use your reader on multiple devices without pairing it first to each device, the AirID BRIDGE is the best choice. Once the reader is paired with the AirID BRIDGE, the reader can be used with any other device in that AirID BRIDGE is plugged-in.

Connected directly to a USB port, it enables wireless communication - without driver installation. Supported by any CCID-enabled systems like macOS, Linux and other platforms.

AirID BRIDGE Highlights

Product NameAirID BRIDGE
Communication Interface

Bluetooth 4.2 (CCID),

USB 2.0 Type A connector
Supported PlatformsWindows 7, 8, 10, macOS (10.12 and later) and Linux (plug&play requires libccid 1.4.28)
Dimensions48 mm x 37.5 mm x 14 mm