certgate is pleased to welcome you as a new user of ONEKEY ID.

This guide explains all the basics of the certgate wireless smartcard reader ONEKEY ID and gives you step-by-steps instructions to get you started using ONEKEY ID. Please take the time to read the information and follow carefully the instructions and recommendations of the installation process.

Support / Questions

For questions and supportplease use the email address support@certgate.com

Content of Delivery

  • ONEKEY ID including ID-000 smart card 
  • USB cable

Hardware Features

Your ONEKEY ID is a wireless smart card reader, supporting communication via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), NFC (Near Field Communication) and USB. It helps you to easily use smart card functionality on nearly all of your devices. 

Device Features



ONEKEY ID has two buttons:


Power On / OffUsed to power the ONEKY ID on and off

OK / PairingPairing for secure, encrypted BLE connection ("OK" function reserved for future use)

Status Indicator

Following status indicators exists on ONEKEY ID:

StatusStatus IndicatorMeaning
Smart card status

no card inserted

card inserted
Connection statusno symbolno active Bluetooth-connection

active Bluetooth-connection
Battery status

battery is charging

battery power percentage
LED LED red indicator light is ONbattery charging

LED red indicator light is OFFbattery completely charged


ONEKEY ID is powered by a rechargeable Li-Po battery. The battery is charged by plugging the ONEKEY ID into either a computer or external USB wall adapter using the USB cable provided.

When the unit is charging and running normally the charging icon will be displayed in the top right hand corner of the display. The battery charge indicator will also indicate the battery power percentage of your cgToken.

Power On

Press the ON / OFF button to power on ONEKEY ID.

Windows 10

In this section, you will find the steps to download and install the ONEKEY ID Windows driver and to pair the ONEKEY ID with your computer


  •  Computer running Windows 10 and with integrated Bluetooth 4.0 support 

For workstations without built in Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities, a Bluetooth USB dongle MUST be used to provide connectivity.

Driver Download

Download the latest driver (zipped .msi file) for Windows at ONEKEY ID - Software, Driver & SDK

Driver Installation

Unzip and double click on the .msi installer file

Folow the instructions in the installation wizard

Assure that on the last page "start application" checkbox has been marked before closing the setup

Bluetooth Pairing

Power on ONEKEY ID and press "OK" button for pairing mode

Open Windows "Settings→ Devices→ Bluetooth". Your ONEKEY ID should be listed with its serial number. Press "Pair"

Enter 6 digit pairing key shown on ONEKEY ID display

After succesful pairing "Pairing sucessful" will be displayed on ONEKEY ID

Secure Pairing

After successful Bluetooth pairing ONEKEY ID will do an additional pairing with an 8 digit code

ONEKEY ID displays session key

Wait until a session key input dialog appears on your windows's screen

Enter the code displayed on ONEKEY ID display

ONEKEY ID will display a success message. Setup is done

When ONEKEY ID is successfully paired there is a PC/SC reader registered in your Windows 10 which can be accessed like any other smart card reader.

Smart Card Activity

The installation process creates a shortcut ONEKEY ID Tray (ICON) in the Programs menu under Autostart. The ONEKEY_ID_Tray icon is displayed on the bottom right side of your taskbar and displays the status of the inserted smartcard. The status can be as follows:

  • smart card not present ICON  
  • smart card present, in use ICON  
  • smart card present, not used ICON  

General information (e.g. Version) about the ONEKEY_ID_tray can be displayed via Info. The Exit button closes the ONEKEY_ID_Tray.

Using NFC

ONEKEY ID supports the communication via NFC.You may use any smart card (form factor ID-000) with your ONEKEY ID as long as the following requirements are met:

  1. support of PowerClass C and PowerClass B ( operation at 1,8V and 3,0V
  2. supports a communication via ISO7816 (T=1) 

If NFC functionality is needed, the chip on your smart card nedds to expose the antenna connectors on Pad4 and Pad8. The smart card included in delivery uses an NXP chip (part number J3A081GX4/T1AG2384) to met this requirement.

Inserting Another Smart Card

ONEKEY ID is delivered with an inserted smart card.

If you want to use other smart cards that the one included, please unscrew the cover. The contact surface of the smart card (ID-000) must face down when inserted.