1. Connected AirID with serial number and smart card status
  2. Start tutorial
  3. Change AirID: switch between different connected devices
  4. Check for new firmware updates for the displayed AirID
  5. Current battery status. Click to define the battery capacity at which you would like to receive a battery warning
  6. AirID settings (further settings are available directly on your AirID)
  7. Click Advertising Mode to set working time ranges. This way, the AirID Bluetooth connection is only available within the defined period of time.
  8. Illustration of the AirID model. Click the arrow for more device information:

       9. Shows a list of paired devices and allow to delete pairing information from your connected AirID

Right click on the systray icon of the AirID Central shows the following menu:

Restore: Open the AirID Central window

Log: Export log files for AirID Central and AirID driver

Bridge: Connect the AirID Bridge

Turorial: Start the tutorial

Check for update: Check for new firmware updates

About: Information about the AirID Central

Quit: Close the AirID Central

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