Thank you for your interest in cgPhone.

Please find below a first overview and a quick guide how to setup and use cgPhone. Please read the information and follow carefully the instructions and recommendations of the installation process.

Support / Questions

For questions and support please contact us at: 

Getting a Trial Account

If you need an activation code for trial version of cgPhone, please contact support at Once you received the code, you may use cgPhone for 30 days without any limitations.

Installation and Configuration on iOS


  • mobile device running iOS version 9.0 or higher 
  • mobile internet connection (wi-fi or data) to download the app and for the phone calls

For more Information about supported devices and OS versions please visit our site cgPhone - Supported Devices


Download and Installation

Simply find the app cgPhone, by searching for cgPhone in the official Apple App Store and install it.

Initial Setup

Open the cgPhone app on your iOS device:

    1. The app will welcome you with a short overview of its functions.
    2. After tapping "Continue" the initial configuration of your device will begin.

Now you need your cgPhone server address and an individual activation code to access your cgPhone server1

    1. Please enter the cgPhone server address and activation code an tap "Activate"
    2. The automatic configuration process takes only a few moments. When it has completed successfully, please tap "Continue"

1) If your company/ organization has purchased cgPhone, please ask your system administrator for your activation code. If you have individual purchased cgPhone service, you should have received your activation code with your invoice.


Configuration is now complete! You are now able to start or receive your first secure call. You may also dial 9999 for an echo test call.

cgPhone Interfaces and Its Functions

The default screen of cgPhone is the keypad. With the toolbar on the bottom of your cgPhone app you access all functionalities of cgPhone.


Here you can manage all your cgPhone contacts


Open messages for an overview of your chats


Use the keypad to dial any number of your choice. Remenber that you can only dial numbers of participants within your network. Connection to other (public) networks must be ordered separately (if available).


Here you will find the call history. There are three types of calls:

  • Incomming call
  • Missed call
  • Outgoing call


Here you will find various options. It's also used for new provisionings if required.

The First Secure Call

SAS= Short Authentication Strings

cgPhone prevents you securely from man-in-the-middle attacks by one-time exchange of phonetic keywords. This is a global standard for secure calling.

Secure Key Exchange with SAS

To assure secure communication, a key exchange is required at the first cgPhone call with each participant.

Please note that this is only required once.

  1. One participant reads the first word shown on the display. In this example "snapshot".
  2. The other participant replys with the second word. In this example "retrieval".
  3. Both participants compare, if these two words martch with the dislayed words.
  4. If the words are identical both participants have to choose "Match". This call and future calls with this contact are securely end-to-end encrypted now.

If the words do not match, choose "Not match". The call will be disconnected. Maybe there is a security issue with this contact or with the connection.

Other Functions


You can access your mailbox by dialing 9000, if activated by our cgPhone support.

  1. You will be requested to enter your cgPhone number
  2. You will be requested to enter your Mailbox PIN that you received by a separated email
  3. Use the keypad to navigate throught the mailbox menu

Adding a contact

Once you have finished a call, you can add this cgPhone number to your contacts.

  1. To add a new contact, go to your recent calls. Press and hold the nember of choice for 1 second
  2. An info box will appear
  3. Choose "Create a Contact" or "Add to existing Contact"

Sending a message (the first time)

Once you have done successfully secure call, you can send a secure message to this cgPhone contact.

  1. To write a new message, go to your recent calls and press the number of choice for 1 second.
  2. An info box will appear
  3. Choose "Send Message"
  4. The message interface will appear

Sending a message

  1. You can also write secure messages by using the toolbar
  2. Choose a contact
  3. The chat inteface will appear