What is cgPhone?

cgPhone provides a seamless telephone, messaging and high quality voice experience with the benefit of true security and encryption. It is intuitive and user-friendly. If you can use the iOS / Android built-in phone app, you will feel at home when using cgPhone. You will be protected by a certified secure element, within the ONEKEY ID, keeping your valuable credentials safely encrypted - independent from the built-in security of your smartphone, tablet or other devices. (ONEKEY ID is currently available for iOS only, Android support planned)

Once your secure call is established, your voice and chat communication can only be decrypted by the other recipient’s cgPhone. True End2End encryption and security for voice and text messaging. Easy & simple.

cgPhone is available as an onPremise solution, to be installed on your corporate server - with easy web based administration and easy user interface for scheduling secure dail-in telephone conference calls or as software as a service - the cgPhone Online Solution.

The client app is available for Apple iOS store and Google Play Android app store.

Ready to download - to be activated easily only by entering an activation code.

cgPhone Highlights

Product NamecgPhone
Product options

cgPhone Enterprise - secure onPremise Server solution, includes High Availability FailOver option, connects to cgPhone client apps for iOS and Android

cgPhone Online - secure software as a service solution, server hosted by certgate within certified secure data center, connects to cgPhone client apps for iOS and Android

CommunicationEnd2End encrypted secure voice calling,
End2End encrypted secure messaging,
Encrypted secure voice conferencing,
Encrypted secure voicemail,
Landline breakout to PSTN / other telephone networks
SecurityKey-exchange: ECDH-384P; Audio: AES 256 CTR, SHA 384;
Signalling: TLSv1.2; Easy PKI integration with SAS-signing
StandardsSIP, ZRTP, SRTP
InterfacesSIP-Trunk, analog, ISDN, SS7
Failure-resistantHA-support, Geo-redundancy
High scalabilityClustering of cgPhone server nodes
Virtualized server nodes (VM image)
+ 1000 simultaneous calls per Node
+250 participants per telephone conference
CodecsOPUS WB for best HD-Voice quality