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What is cgCard?

cgCard is a full function (JCOPJava Card) smart card in a form factor of a micro SD Card. It can be used in any standard micro SD card slot, i.e. smartphones, tablets and computers. It covers the full range of smart card use cases, i.e. 2-Factor Authentication, encryption, secure key storage and others. The unique architecture of the cgCard offers an “Open Platform” for system integrators, security application vendors, and OEMs to develop customized solutions for smartcards and security tokens. certgate’s microSD architecture is designed with the flexibility and the ability to be customized for the use of any ISO 7816 standard smartcards.

The operational area and the communication with the cgCard depends on the used platform which can be e.g. a smartphone or PC. Another criterion is the internal structure of the used platform and the physical interfaces. At the moment the way to access the cgCard is via certgate PC/SC interface. certgate provides an interface device driver, so that PC/SC based applications or middleware can access directly the cgCard.




Product Name/ IdentifiercgCard / CGSC
Form Factor/ FeaturesmicroSD compliant with SD Specification 3.0
Mass Storage Capacity8 GB
Communication Protocol

Compliant with the SDA ASSD protocol

FSI proprietary protocol

T=1 protocol with the secure chip

Smart card hardwareInfineon SLE 78 with 80 EEPROM
Smart card OS


Java Card 3.0, Global Platform 2.2.1


Hardware: Common Criteria EAL 5+ certified, RNG AIS31, FIPS-140

OS: jTOP ID, Common Criteria EAL5+ certified

Cryptographic algorithms

RSA up to 2048 bit

ECC up to 512/521 bit

AES up to 256 bit

SHA2 up to 512 bit

Available Applets

Java card applets not included. Applets available separately. See cv sc/interface

Supported Platforms

Windows, Android, BlackBerry10

MacOS/Linux (on request)

Size/ weight15.0mm x 11.0mm x 0.7mm
Temperature range-25° up to 85°C