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1. Pair your AirID FIDO with your host device*

Follow the steps below to set up the Bluetooth pairing:

  1. Turn on your AirID FIDO
  2. Make sure the Bluetooth connection is activated on both, your AirID FIDO and your host system
  3. Depending on your platform, initialize the pairing process on your host system
  4. For secure pairing, compare the displayed code on AirID FIDO with the code displayed on the host system and confirm the pairing code on both sides, the AirID FIDO and your client

UI Text Box

The pairing information will be saved on both sides, the AirID FIDO and your client. Therefore this pairing process only needs to be done once per host device to get started.

*The AirID FIDO may differ in handling depending on your intended use case.

2. Register and name your AirID FIDO in your desired Application

Before you can log into your desired applications with the AirID FIDO security key, you have to register your AirID FIDO once in the application.

For registration, most applications provide a text field to set a name for your FIDO security key. This field is completely free of choice and is intended to help you identify the key used later on. In order to confirm and complete the registration, the AirID FIDO asks you to push a button on the AirID FIDO.

3. Login with your AirID FIDO to your Application

Now, your AirID FIDO security key is ready to be used for login!

Go to the application you previously registered in, select your AirID FIDO and log in. For your secure login, the login must be confirmed by pushing a button on your AirID FIDO.