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To improve the Evaluation-Kits user experience, we constantly update our demo use cases with new and easy to install software solutions. Please note that the EIDAuthenticate smart card logon solution replaces the Secure Logon 2.0 solution.

Table of Contents

Smart Card Logon - Use Case Description

This demo use case will demonstrate a WINDOWS 2-factor Log-On authentication using a Java Card and the wireless smart card reader.

Additionally, the reader will automatically lock the computer if a preset distance between your computer and the reader will be exceeded.

For this smart card demo use case we are using a third-party secure Log-On software, EIDAuthenticate. This software simplifies WINDOWS 10 smart card logon and does not require to be connected to a WINDOWS domain or to set up a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The smart card, provided by the Evaluation-Kit, has been already initialised and personalized with a demo certificate.

1. Before getting started

For this use case of WINDOWS 10 Smart Card Logon you will require:

  1. A smart card, JCOP 2.4.1 with an applet and demo certificate (provided with the Evaluation-Kit)
  2. A smart card reader of the AirID family (provided with the Evaluation-Kit)
  3. A computer running Windows 10 operating system with Bluetooth LE 4.2 enabled (if BLE is not available onboard, a separate USB Bluetooth LE Adapter is required). Please use a complete fresh system (clean Windows 10 installation) for this demo use case. 
  4. Administrative rights for installing new software on the computer


The computer must be stand alone or a local account must be configured on domain computers

2. Initial Installation on Windows 10

This section describes the initial setup and basic configurations on Windows 10 which are required for the Windows based demo use case, provided that no other prior installation has taken place.

  • AirID Driver and AirID Central Installation
  • Bluetooth Pairing

Follow the steps below to install the AirID Windows Driver and the AirID Central App. The AirID Central is a management App for your smart card reader. The app provides you with information and settings options for your smart card reader when your reader is connected to your Windows device.

Include Page
_AirID - Win10 - Quick Start Installation
_AirID - Win10 - Quick Start Installation


If you already paired the reader with another device, please navigate to "Prefer Device" in the device menu und use the control element to select "new" and confirm.

3. EIDAuthenticate Installation

Follow the steps below to install EIDAuthenticate:

UI Steps

UI Step

Please download the software EIDAuthenticateSetup EIDAuthenticateCertgateEnterpriseEditionx64.msi for a 64-bit system or EIDAuthenticateCertgateEnterpriseEditionx86.msi for a 32-bit system and double click on the .msi file to install.

UI Step

Follow the instructions in the installation wizard and enter your Windows user account password (not the PIN of the smart card) in the corresponding dialog box.

Now, EIDAuthenticate has been installed and from now on you will be able to log in using the smart card and the PIN. 

4. Using automated "Distance Auto-Lock" with AirID and AirID Mini

The smart card reader is able to lock the WINDOWS system automatically, if a (preset) distance between your computer and your reader has been exceeded.

The "Distance Log-Out" is managed in AirID settings using "Distance Sensor". 

Please set the "Distance Sensor" value so that the access to the working device is automatically locked when the predefined distance to the card reader is exceeded.

    1. Make sure, the reader is connected via BLE with your working device
    2. Take your reader and navigate to Settings > Distance Sensor
    3. Select On
    4. Select Presetting and Mid

Optionally, you can select any other presetting value or do a manual distance setting.


Settings can only be changed with an active Bluetooth connection between your computer and the smart card reader.


To avoid unintended disconnects, keep in mind that the minimum distance for the automated log-out is about three meters between your computer and the smart card reader.


The distance value for the "Distance Sensor" feature represents a relative value. It depends on the signal strength of the smart card reader, on the environment and on other interferencing signals.


We are pleased to support you during the installation and test process of our Evaluation-Kits. Please request support at