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AirID VIRTUAL provides a complete solution for rollout and operating secure multi-factor user authentication, digital signature and certificate-based encryption.

AirID Virtual enables any organisation to upgrade workplace security with certificate-based 2-factor authentication, digital signature and certificate based encryption, i.e. eMail S/MIME encryption.  This enables standard programs like Microsoft Office, Outlook, Adobe Acrobat, ERP systems and many others to sign and/or encrypt mails, documents and data electronically using standard X.509 certificates. AirID VIRTUAL includes FIDO2 authentication.

AirID Virtual supports, like all other AirID products, the fully automatic locking of the workstation when the end will user leave the workstation.  AirID Virtual works "offline", i.e. the secure 2FA logon at the workstation is done without Internet connection and no data is exchanged or stored with the AirID Virtual Service for logon.

The components of the AirID Virtual solution consist of a mobile app (iOS & Android), a Windows10 utility for login and Bluetooth connection, as well as a central online service for setup and administration of users and devices. For the setup and operation, a Microsoft Active Directory Service with correspondingly integrated Windows10 clients will be required by the customer.