What should I do when i have connection issues with my AirID 2 and my PC or Laptop?


Please follow the steps below to solve connection problem:

  1. Switch off Bluetooth on PC/Laptop and switch it on again

  2. Check if the AirID 2 is connected to the PC/Laptop

  3. Check if the AirID 2 is displayed in the AirID Central

  4. If the Issue persists, the Bluetooth connection between the AirID 2 and the PC/Laptop
    must be re-paired.

    a) Please first disconnect the AirID 2 from the PC/Laptop

    b) After that, please perform the unpairing on the AirID 2 as well. Please call up the following setting on the AirID 2

        (This completely removes the connection between the AirID 2 and the PC/Laptop)

        „Settings“ > „Reset“ > „Reset BLE“ > „Confirm“ (Please select and confirm the host name of the PC/Laptop here)

  5. After disconnecting, a small window appears on the desktop after about 30 seconds

  6. Please confirm with "Yes" and also confirm the message on the AirID 2 display at the same time. After that, the AirID 2 should be re-paired with the PC/Laptop

  7. If the AirID 2 has been successfully paired with the PC/Laptop, then the following window should appear:


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