I'm using macOS Monterey (v12) and I can't connect to my AirID. What can I do?


First of all, macOS Monterey is showing a problem with Bluetooth devices that many different Bluetooth devices are currently facing. Also the AirID is affected by this Bluetooth connecting issue on many macOS devices. We are working to provide a new AirID Central release to get around this issue. Until a new release is available, the following manual workaround can be used to connect AirID to your macOS host device:


Issue: → Apple Macbook is not discoverable as a bluetooth device

1. Go to: Apple Logo > System Preferences > security & privacy> privacy > bluetooth > airid central

and then make sure that the Checkbox with AirIDCentral is checked.

2. Remove Bluetooth pairing on AirID

3. Remove Bluetooth pairing on Mac

4. Open Bluetooth preferences. Again, Go to: Apple Logo > System Preferences > Bluetooth

Leave the Bluetooth preferences window open and go to next step

5. Connect to the AirID through the Central. The pairing dialog should be shown on the bluetooth preferences window, if not, then do the next step

6. Go to: Launchpad > other > Terminal

Then write the following and press Enter: sudo pkill -9

You will be asked for the Password of your Mac, please write it and press Enter

The pairing dialog should be shown a couple of seconds afterwards.

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