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cgPhone Voice Conferencing administration is currently in BETA status.
User interface design and functions may be limited.

Conference Administration Access required

A secure & encrypted cgPhone voice conference can be scheduled and administrated only by registered cgPhone Online users with conference administration rights. If you are a registered cgPhone user and you need to set up a secure phone conference please contact to obtain conference administration access.

After receiving your user ID & Password for the cgPhone Online Conference administration portal please access the portal here: cgPhone Online Conference Portal

1 Overview

cgPhone Online offers secure, encrypted phone conferences on request. 

In order to be able to schedule a conference, the user must at least be in group "conferenceUser".

Also you should make sure the user knows his password because he will have to log into the user web interface.

In case the user has forgotten or lost his password you can assign or generate a new one using cgConfig's edit user functionality.


1.1 Setting up a Conference

1.1.1 Start Conference Wizard:

In section "Conference" / "Own Conferences" click the "+" symbol to start the wizard to create a new conference.

1.1.2 Specify Start & End Time:

First you need to specify a begin and an end date and time. It's possible to have a conference run over many days in case it's a recurring event and it's not necessary to create new PINs for every day.

1.1.3 Fill in Subject and description of the conference

Please specify a subject and a description. This information is used for mail-invitation to the participants.

1.1.4 Specify Secure & Encrypted cgPhone Conference Type

Here, the conference administrator may to include "non-secure" phones into the conference.
This feature is currently not activated - please keep type as "secure" and continue.

1.1.5 Confirm Conference or Cancel

Confirm or cancel conference set up - next step will be to specify and invite conference participants.

1.1.6 Start Participant Invitation Wizard

Click on "Participants Wizard" link to start invitation process, al

2 Managing Participants

2.1 Adding Participants

Before the conference can start, we need to invite participants.

This is done through the participants wizard which can be invoked directly after creating a conference or through the participants icon in the conference list.

By default, the creator of the conference is added in a moderator role. More about roles later.

A new participant can be added by clicking "+"

It's possible to create several participants in the same role at once. Just add in their e-mail addresses. If the existing fields are not enough, click the "More..." link to add more.

There are three roles available: audience, participant and moderator.

  • Audience are people who are only allowed to listen, but not talk.
  • Participants are people who are also allowed to talk.
  • Moderators are like regular participants, but also get some additional powers, e.g. lock/unlock the conference to prevent more people from joining, kicking people etc.

Before the new participants are added, the user can review role and e-mail addresses of the participants before making the decision final.

Here we see the two additional participants we just added. They are displayed in black because there are no user accounts associated with their e-mail addresses.

The moderator of this conference is displayed in green because he has a user account in the system.

When we're done with assembling the list of participants, we click "Finish and return to Own Conferences". The system will now finally add the participants to the conference and create individual PIN numbers accordingly.

New participants have been added and PIN numbers were created.

2.2 Modifying Participants

If you wish to change the role of a participant click the modify icon (pencil).

You will then be given the opportunity to change the participant's role.

After confirming your choice the change will be made and you will be taken back to the participants list.

2.3 Deleting Participants

If you made a mistake adding a participant to your conference you can always delete the participant. Simply open the participants wizard, locate the participant you wish to delete and click the trash icon.

After confirming your choice the participant will be deleted from the participants list.

3 Finalizing the Conference

A conference can't happen until the participants have been invited.

This is when we go live and all participants are officially invited.

Click the invite icon (envelope) to start the Invitation Wizard. Once it has completed successfully, the conference will be finalized and set to go.

In the first step there is one last chance to review all conference details.

In the second step you can determine who will receive an e-mail and who won't, in case you want to write an individual e-mail or deliver the PIN personally.

In the third step is the final chance to review the participants and if they receive an automated e-mail. When you click "Finish" then the invitations will be sent and the conference will be finalized.

The system will send out invitations and schedule the conference.

In case there were problems sending e-mails the user will be notified.

The conference is now finalized and good to go. The edit button has changed to an information button because it's no longer possible to change conference properties.

The invitation button is disabled because the invitations have already been sent.

4 Canceling a Conference

If a conference has to be canceled the user can click trash icon.

Once the user clicks "Delete" the conference will be deleted.
If invitations have been sent out already then automated cancelation e-mails will be sent to all participants.

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