How can the distance to the device be configured for the auto-lock?


The distance to the host device for the auto-lock can be configured with the "Distance Sensor" feature on AirID Version 2 and AirID Mini devices respectively the "Coverage" feature on the AirID1 devices. An active BLE connection is required to set this feature. Set the "Distance Sensor" or "Coverage" value on the AirID device (Settings > Distance Sensor or Settings > Coverage) so that the access to the device is automatically locked when the predefined distance from the AirID device is exceeded.

The user can select a presetting value or do a manual setting. The distance value for this feature represents a relative value. It depends on the signal strength of the AirID device, on the environment and on other interferencing signals. To avoid unintended disconnects, keep in mind that the minimum distance for the automated lock is about three meters between your host device and your AirID reader for manual setting.

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