How do I perform an unattended (silent) installation of the AirID Installer in order to automate the installation?


Silent installation is used for installation of the AirID driver without user interaction, usually from a batch file or other script.

To perform a silent install using the ZIP format driver, extract the ZIP file, then run the AirID Installer .EXE program for the driver with the following comand line switch:

Command Line
"<Filename>.exe" /install /quiet /log "<Filename for Logfile.txt>" 

Any problem can be found in the log file.

The command to uninstall the software package is as follows:

Command Line
"<Filename>.exe" /uninstall /quiet /log "<Filename for Logfile.txt>"

The optional parameter are:

Optional ParameterDescription
Help and short overview of the parameters
/install | /repair | /uninstall | /layout
Installs, repairs, uninstalls or creates a copy of the installation package
/passive |

The user interface is displayed, but no user intervention is required.

No user interface is displayed during installation.

If this option is specified, commands with --passive or --quiet will not automatically restart the computer.
/log log.txt
The logs are written to a specific log.txt file. By default, a log file is created under %TEMP%.
Note, that installing Software or Drivers on Windows Systems typically requires local or Enterprise Admin Rights depending on your Company Policies.

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