How can I change the smart card in AirID Mini?


To change an inserted smart card please follow these steps:

Make sure the device is turned off.

To open the device, first carefully loosen the two screws on the back of the device with a PH1 cross-headed screwdriver.


Then, open the device by carefully opening the black back case of the enclosure. 

It is important to be careful here, as the back case is connected to the rest of the device by a power cable.

Remove the inserted card by pushing the card out of the holder with your thumb to the open side (right side).

Insert your smart card (format ID-000) into the card holder.

Make sure that the smart chip is pointing down to the connectors of the card holder and that the diagonal corner of the smart card is facing up to the right.

After changing the smart card, close the device by closing the back case of the enclosure again.

Make sure that the battery cable is inside the enclosure while closing the device.

Position the screws in the holes of the case and tighten the screws.

Therefore, first screw to the left (counterclockwise) until the screws are positioned in the existing threads. Then, as usual, screw to the right (clockwise) and tighten until you feel a resistance of the case while tightening.

This is important in order not to damage the threads of the plastic case.


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