What to do in a warranty case?

If your new AirID smart card reader is not working as expected or not working at all and you may check your product warranty, please read carefully and follow the steps below:


If your AirID is working, but not as described in the AirID or AirID Mini Manual, please re-flash first the AirID firmware, before you continue with the warranty check process. Many problems are typically fixed after re-flash, without any hardware repair.

A step-by-step guide how to flash the firmware can be found here

Check if your warranty claim for the non-functional AirID is valid:

The warranty claim is excluded if

  • the date of purchase is more than 12 months ago
  • the device has been physically damaged or gone wet
  • in case of improper use

Fill out our warranty claim (RMA) form

Download the RMA form (English or German) and complete the form. We recommend filling in the document before printing.

Please note that your warranty claim will not be processed without a completed warranty form (if multiple devices, one form per device). Without completed warranty form device will be returned without further notice. 

German RMA Form:                       German (NUR FÜR BEHÖRDEN)        English RMA Form: 


IMPORTANT NOTE to VOLKSWAGEN Group & subsidiaries members:

Please use only the RMA form available in the Volkswagen Group (or subsidiaries) intranet.

Return the non-functional device to certgate

Please return the non functional device together with the completed RMA form to the address listed in the RMA form.

Please double check that you have used the correct RMA form.

We strongly recommend using the original AirID package, if possible, to avoid transportation damages.

We will verify your claim and check the AirID device

After receiving your non-functional device, we will check your warranty claim and we will analyse the device. In case of a valid warranty claim, we always will try to repair your device first and return the repaired device back to you. In case that a repair is technically or economically not possible, we will send you a new AirID device as a replacement. At our sole discretion, we may replace your device with a newer version. 

If your warranty claim will not be valid, or the RMA form is missing or not completed, we will have either to return or trash your device. In this case, we will inform you by mail and trash the non-functional device or we will return it on request. 

Process overview

If you are interested in a detailed process overview, check the following diagram: