Welcome to the Info point for MacOS users! Here you find useful information how to use our AirID products with your MacOS device!

Where can I download the AirID MacOS Software?

You will find the AirID software for MacOS Mojave & Catalina within our download center/MacOS.

Tips & Tricks on Smart Card @MacOS

FIRST STEPS after installing the AirID MacOS Software. Please note the following:

  • For proper smart card usage on MacOS, you must use a middleware (= software to enable MacOS communicating with your smart card). The AirID installer does NOT include a middleware to avoid any potential conflicts, in case you have already installed some middleware on your MacOS.
  • You may use OPEN SC middleware (minimum V0.20, look for the MacOs DMG file), an open source middleware, which is popular worldwide. If your card comes with its own middleware, i.e. CARDOS, TCOS, NEXUS, AET or others, please use this one.
  • If you want to use your smart card for log-in & Auto-LogOff, you must configure MacOS accordingly, please check this manual: How to activating the screen saver when a smart card is removed on macOS.

Here You will find useful information on how to enable, configure & tweak your MacOS for using with smart cards:

AirID Loves Apple – New Wireless Smartcard Reader for MacOS

World’s First Wireless Smartcard Reader with MacOS CryptoTokenKit Support for 2-factor Authentication, Encryption and Electronic Signature

Dusseldorf/Germany, 02nd October 2019 (UPDATE 31st January 2020), certgate, one of the leading specialists for mobile security, announces the world’s first wireless smart card reader AirID with support for Apple MacOS systems with CryptoTokenKit (CTK). This means that AirID will be supported in the Apple MacOS platform for the long term and smart cards can be used more flexibly.

With the current MacOS “Mojave” Apple has finalised the new, trend-setting CTK interface for security tokens. UPDATE 31st January 2020: Full support for new MacOS version “Catalina” (10.15.3) has been released and enables a very deep integration of AirID into the Apple operating system. For example, smart cards can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth for system services such as secure 2-factor logon to the Mac system, approval of authorisations, electronic signatures with Adobe Acrobat and for all other applications.

The AutoLock function integrated in the AirID and AirID Mini is of course also available, so the Mac system is automatically locked when removed from the system. This means additional security is automatically built in and the user benefits from automatic protection.

For inquiries to the product and application possibilities the central email address “sales@airid.com” is available.
We are looking forward to your inquiry!

Your certgate Team.

Do you need an AirID or AirID Mini for testing with your Mac?

Please contact a certgate authorised AirID partner or order your evaluation AirID online here.