In case you may receive a "CARD UNREADABLE" message on your AirID2 Mini please check first if the card might has moved out of the card slot within the AirID2 Mini.

 In very rare cases, when the AirID 2 Mini has fallen down heavily on a hard surface / floor, the smart card in the AIrID2 Mini might has been pushed out of the card slot, causing a "CARD UNREADABLE " message.

Step-by-step guide

  1. First, switch OFF & ON again your AirID2 Mini, if problem persists continue with step 2
  2. Now, you shall verify that the smart card is still properly inserted into the card slot by opening the AirID2 Mini case.
    1. Please follow the enclosure open & close instructions on How can I change the smart card in AirID Mini?
    2. Make sure that the card is fully inserted in the card slot.
  3. Restart AirID 2 Mini, if "CARD OK" message appears, the AirID 2 Mini will be fully operational again.
  4. If problem persists, the card might be defect, please change your smart card.
  5. If problems persists after changing card, the AirID 2 Mini might be defect, please check Warranty repair - RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation)