We are happy to announce the availability of our new standalone Flash Update for Windows and macOS operating systems are available.

For more information, please see the Software, Driver & SDK section in AirID Support.

We gladly announce the availability of version 200415 of our AirID Installer.

For more information, please see the Software, Driver & SDK section in AirID Support.

AirID products achieve highest quality and (gladly) very low returns. 

To improve customer satisfaction and simplify returns - if any - we implemented new RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) return forms.

Please select your RMA form (we providing German and English RMA forms), either if you are a company or a public (governmental) entity.

Fill out the form and return - thats it. 

Your certgate TEam

In October, certgate announced world’s first wireless smart card reader with MacOS CryptoTokenKit support for 2-factor authentication, encryption and electronic signature.

In October and November the software has been distributed to selected clients for BETA testing.

Today, Nov. 19th the first public version of AirID finally arrived. Please visit here our MacOS Information Page "AirID & Smart Card @ MacOS".

Apple has finalised in MacOS “Mojave” the new, trend-setting CTK (CryptoTokenKit) interface for security tokens. This will and has been further expanded in the new MacOS version “Catalina” and enables a very deep integration of AirID into the Apple operating system. For example, smart cards can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth for system services such as secure 2-factor logon to the Mac system, approval of authorisations, electronic signatures with Adobe Acrobat and for all other applications.

The AutoLock function, integrated in the wireless AirID and AirID Mini reader is also on Mac available, locking Mac automatically when the User will walk away with his AirID. This is additional security built in and the user benefits from AirID's auto protection.

For further information on AirID, please visit the AirID or AirID Mini product home pages or contact us at “”.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

Your certgate Team.

AirID has an additional, highly secure AES256 encryption and is secure.
AirID's security is independent of Bluetooth standards - KNOB attack has no chance.

Düsseldorf, 21.08.2019, certgate, one of the leading specialists in mobile IT security and authentication, emphasizes that AirID is not affected by the KNOB attack. The Knob-Attack (Key Negotiation Of Bluetooth was presented by researchers from the Universities of Singapore, Oxford and the Helmholtz Centre for Information Security in Saarbrücken (CISPA) at the Security Conference Usenix in Santa Clara.  

AirID is secure because AirID uses Bluetooth Low Energy, which is not affected by Knob-Attack, and AIrID has an additional secure AES256 encryption which is completely independent from the Bluetooth standard implementation. Thus the security (encryption) of the AirID Bluetooth connection to the computer, smartphone or tablet is independent of the operating system and implementation of the devices. This AirID security and encryption has been tested by the German Federal Office for Information Technology (BSI) and approved for use in authorities for protected information (VS-NfD) in connection with the use of the mobile app SecurePIM.

certgate continuously invests in research and development of the AirID product family. The AirID readers all feature additional encryption and can even be equipped with additional functions and protection via software updates if required. 

Further information about the AirID product family and certgate is available here:


KNOB-Attack, Konzeptfehler in Bluetooth? - AirID ist Sicher!

AirID verfügt über eine zusätzliche, besonders sichere AES256 Verschlüsselung und ist sicher.
AirID's Sicherheit ist unabhängig von Bluetooth Standards - KNOB-Attack hat keine Chance.

Düsseldorf, 21.08.2019, certgate, einer der führenden Spezialisten im Bereich mobile IT Sicherheit und Authentisierung, hebt hervor das AirID nicht von der KNOB-Attack betroffen ist. Die Knob-Attack (Key Negotiation Of Bluetooth wurde von Forschern der Universitäten Singapur, Oxford und des Helmholtz-Zentrums für Informationssicherheit in Saarbrücken (CISPA) auf der Security-Konferenz Usenix in Santa Clara vorgestellt .  

AirID ist sicher da AirID einerseits Bluetooth Low Energy verwendet, welches von Knob-Attack nicht betroffen ist, andererseits verfügt AIrID über eine zusätzliche, von der Bluetooth Standard Implementierung völlig unabhängige, sichere AES256 Verschlüsselung. Damit ist die Sicherheit (Verschlüsselung) der AirID Bluetooth Verbindung zum Computer, Smartphone oder Tablet unabhängig von dem Betriebssystem und Implementierung der Geräte. Diese AirID Sicherheit und Verschlüsselung wurde vom deutschen Bundesamt in der Informationstechnologie (BSI) geprüft und für die Verwendung in Behörden für geschützte Informationen (VS-NfD) in Verbindung mit dem Einsatz der mobilen App SecurePIM freigegeben.

certgate investiert kontinuierlich in Forschung und Entwicklung der AirID Produktfamilie. So verfügen die AirID Leser alle über die zusätzliche Verschlüsselung und können bei Bedarf sogar per Softwareupdate mit zusätzlichen Funktionen und Schutz ausgerüstet werden. 

Weitere Information zur AirID Produktfamilie und certgate erhalten Sie hier: 

AirID Installer version 1.0.21

Version 1.0.21 of our AirID Installer is now available. Please see the Software, Driver & SDK section in AirID Support.

The AirID User Manual is now available in English in the AirID Support section.

AirID Installer Update

A new version of our AirID Installer is now available. Please see the Software, Driver & SDK section in AirID Support.

AirID Version 2 has achieved general availability!

AirID Version 2 provides

  • an improved case design, including TPU bumper for increased durability 
  • 4-way bumper hangers for landscape and portrait oriented smart cards
  • chip double-header to support front- & backside printed smart cards
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2, improved speed & security

We are glad to announce that AirID Version 2 Business Edition is now general available for general delivery. In December 2018 & January 2019 a few hundred units have been delivered to selected clients prior GA. Now,  AirID Version 2 Business Edition is general available for all clients.

For testing & evaluation, AirID Version 2 Evaluation Kit is available through certgate online store.

Please contact us for any inquiries.

Your certgate Support Team

  cgPhone voice conferencing has been released to BETA to any cgPhone Online user. 

Please visit the NEW dedicated cgPhone Online Conference Administration Manual to learn how to set up and manage secure, encrypted dial-in conferences for up-to 250 participants.

You may set up easily a continuous conference room for all of your colleagues, members and business partners to ensure confidential conferencing 24/7 on 365 days a year.

After initial set up, the conference room will be available at any time. No need to invite/re-invite or move conferences - just set up once and go for your instant secure conference(s).

Please note: During BETA, the administration page design and some function may be limited.

Learn here more about cgPhone Online - the secure global voice, chat and conferencing system.

Enjoy your secure conferences from any place, any time.

Your cgPhone Online Team

Visit here our shop for instant cgPhone Online licensing.

GEMALTO has announced on July 17th, 2018 End Of Sale for Mobile PKI Products.

certgate will now support and help GEMALTO partners worldwide to continue their (wireless) mobile PKI smartcard projects by smooth transition to certgate's leading mobile PKI products, i.e. AirID, ONEKEY ID, cgCard and others. certgate has created a dedicated website after receiving multiple requests from the GEMALTO PKI partner ecosystem how to use certgate's proven, reliable Mobile PKI products to continue mobile smartcard rollout and projects in various countries.

We are looking very much forward in working with GEMALTO PKI Partners and any other organisation to provide mobile security for enterprise or public sector clients.

certgate is investing continuously into its product development to ensure leading edge security, usability and compliance. We provide strong standard products and in case of individual requirements, we are able to design and manufacture custom hardware and software. 

Please contact certgate in case of any project transition support requirement.

Thank You, Jan Wendenburg

Secure 2FA access to your corporate network with the joint VPN solution of certgate and HOB. Read more in the news article or test now the AirID Evaluation Kit.

We have restructured and enhanced our FAQ section for your convenience. If you miss anything, please contact us at We will be glad to add further FAQ. Your certgate support team.

On January 1st, 2018, certgate launched the all new, public Support & Service area to provide faster, easier and more convenient access to product & services related information for customers, partner and others.

The new Support and Service area is currently on BETA and available for everyone, without prior registration or individual authentication. The prior restricted access area "cgLabs" has been discontinued and almost all information has been moved to the new Support & Service area.

We still working hard to fill ASAP all areas, gaps and links...please be patient and we kindly asking for your understanding for any inconvenience. In case of any questions, please send an eMail