How to create a AirID device driver log-file with Windows?


To create a AirID device driver log-file please follow these steps:

Using a batch file

To create a log this .bat file can be used: Trace.bat

  1. Right click the batch file and choose "run as administrator"
  2. Execute the steps to reproduce the problem.
  3. Press any key to stop logging.

The log will be created as an .etl file that will be written to "c:\traceFile.etl"

Using cmd.exe

Alternatively cmd.exe can be used to create a log file:

  1. Open the command line interface as admin (cmd.exe)
  2. Enter the following commands:
logman create trace "driver_session" -p {05C64576-BE0E-49BF-A5D4-A17395EED556} 0xffffffff 0xff -o c:\traceFile.etl

Creates a trace session named "driver_session" that will be written to to file "c:\traceFile.etl"

logman start "driver_session"

Start recording a given session. Entries will be written to the file provided during session creation.

logman stop "driver_session"

Stops the recording a given session.

Please attach the .etl log file to your support request and also state the time at which the recorded issue occured.

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